Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the subscription and the shop access membership?

Subscription - Our subscription clients receive the ultimate white glove experience.  They complete a style profile and sizing algorithm so we know their body measurements, how they like to dress and who they're trying to impress.  A stylist and tailor will use that information to create custom looks and deliver them twice per season.  Inspired by the "omakase" experience at high end sushi restaurants, our subscription clients say "I trust you. You know my preferences and tailoring measurements so dress me and make me look good."

Shop Access - We place a select collection of favorites from our subscription service into the shop.  Whenever a client shares about how they had to file a restraining order because of all the attention a particular item gave them, we'll place it in our shop to make it available for everyone.  You can either pay the retail price or become an annual access member for $80 to receive 30% off all purchases.  Think: Costco for custom tailored clothes!

Custom clothing is expensive. Do your low prices = poor quality?

Seriously, we should just raise our prices! We cut no corners in terms of quality. The fashion industry is bloated with diva executives, middle men, inventory and inefficiencies requiring huge markups. We’re not cut from the traditional fashion cloth. We prefer beer and wings over champagne and caviar. We cut out all the waste associated with traditional fashion.

Then where is everything made?

Our fabrics come from Italy and Asia.  The craftsmanship is handled in the good ol' US of A, Shanghai, Thailand and more. Our stylists span the globe to source the best materials and work with the finest craftsmen to construct you garments.

Wait, I don’t get to choose what I want in the subscription?

Our service was inspired by the "omakase" experience found at high end sushi restaurants.  Men hate going to the mall and when we do go, we don't follow the latest fashion trends so we're not sure what to buy.  The “omakase” service is all about letting the experts do what they know best. It’s the ultimate white glove experience where you get to expand your style and try new tastes. Your stylist always uses your style profile, and you can even email additional suggestions, as a benchmark and builds around that based on the on-trend seasonal styles. Our members love the element of receiving a gift experience 8x per year.

o·ma·ka·se - Walk into a nice sushi restaurant, push aside the menu and say “Omakase.” You just told the chef “I trust you, do what you do best.” He’ll serve you his signature dishes, only the freshest cuts and maybe even a special surprise, all in thoughtful sequence. It’s the perfect service experience. 8/o has brought this same service to men’s fashion.

How does the subscription work?

By becoming a member you will receive 8 Packages a year, twice a season. Each package contains at least 2 pieces constructed exactly to your measurements, guaranteeing the perfect fit.

What will you send me?

Remember, each piece is constructed just for you. With that in mind, we’ll send you dress shirts, casual shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters and accessories. We won’t overwhelm you or your closet. Your personal membership advisor will send you carefully selected packages, just for you.

How do I sign up for Dapper in Deed?

Click one of the big 'get started' buttons (psst, there's on at the bottom of this page!). We’ll take some of your style profile, walk you through your online sizing and payment information to get you started. Your Personal Membership Advisor will reach out to you over email (or phone/video chat if you prefer) to walk you thru our Intelligent Sizing process. Equipped with your exact measurements, your Personal Membership Advisor will get to work with our design and production team to get you looking confident in no-time.

What is the Algorithm Sizing process?

It’s painless, and takes less than 2 minutes. We’ve spent years developing our sizing algorithms for each category. You'll fill out a quick form - and our algorithm will do the crunching behind the scenes to ensure we can construct the perfect fit for you. If necessary your Personal Membership advisor will reach out with a few more questions.

What is the 365-Day Alternations all about?

We’re fit junkies. If your body changes over time or you just want to tweak, we’ll update your profile. Our algorithm will learn the changes and apply them to your future pieces too!

How often will I receive a package?

We don’t want to overwhelm you or your closet. We’ll send you a package twice a season (every ~45 days or so) to get you looking amazing.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course. If you’re not happy with your membership, please email us at [email protected] It’s painless to cancel your membership - we want to make sure we try to do everything in our power to make you happy.

When will I be charged?

Membership dues are collected once a season and cover two packages and membership perks and benefits. Status is built on the length of your un-interrupted membership length.

Have a question not answered here?

Reach out to us - [email protected]

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