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Looking dapper isn't about brand name labels.  It's about a perfect fit.  Look the part in a boardroom and turn heads at the bar without the hassles and high prices of the mall.

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1 Tell Us Your Style

Complete a fun and easy style profile so your personal stylist can learn about what you like to wear, how you like to wear it and who you’re trying to impress.

2 Get Measured

Each garment is custom made to your measurements. Our awesome 60-second algorithm makes it easy to get measured without awkward moments at the tailor.

3 Style Without the Hassle

Pour yourself a glass of scotch and relax! Your stylist and tailor have everything they need to curate your package of perfectly fit, custom styled clothes.

4 Two Quarterly Packages

Your stylist and tailor will handpick designs, bend fabric according to your exact body measurements, and ship these packages to your door twice per quarter.

"I trust you. Make me look good."

That's the mindset of our clients.  Dapper in Deed was inspired by the "omakase" experience found in top sushi restaurants where the customer entrusts the chef to serve as he sees best. It's an incredible experience that allows for the customer to explore new tastes, gives the chef creative license to be brilliant, and relieves the burden of choice away from the novice and onto the expert.  No more mall traffic, no more insecurity of not knowing what to buy and no more poor fits.

What You Receive

For $300 per quarter, you will receive 2 packages of custom styled, made-to-measure clothing delivered to your door.  Our team of stylists and tailors will use your style profile and body measurements to curate perfectly fitting looks and deliver them to you every 45 days.  Each package will include 2 signature pieces and we're also known to throw in a surprise accessory every so often.  As one client said, "it's like Christmas twice per quarter!"

A Little About Us

Research shows men in tailored clothes are rated as more confident, successful, flexible and a higher income earner.  The truth is men want to look good.  It's just that we hate to shop, we don't follow fashion trends so don't know what to buy and, as much as we hate to admit it, we're not all built like Adonis so it's difficult to find a perfect fit. Dapper in Deed set out to relieve men of these burdens. We've done so while weaving philanthropy into the very fabric of our company.  Dapper in appearance, Dapper in Deed. Read more >


People talking about Dapper In Deed

Where have you been all my life man, this gingham shirt and pants fits me like my rib! Thanks for the awesome work.

— Matthew from NY

Loving the journey with you all, and your attention to quality and customer service is great!

— Peter from Texas

I just want to say. WOW! Great job!. The pieces fit perfectly. Got me pretty excited to receive my next box.

— Norman from VA

The customer service & support I’ve received from your company is beyond optimal. It’s greatly appreciated.

— Geoff from CA

Dapper In Deed in the Press

Since our inception, Dapper in Deed (formerly 8/omakase) set out to bring the luxury experience of tailored clothes to men at an affordable price point.  We've done so with the quest of leaving a positive footprint in this world by having our process and product pass through the hands of those in need.  We're humbled to see so much attention drawn to our business as it has helped us continue to do good while making great clothes. Read more >

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